Sveindís Anna Jóhannsdóttir

Special guest: Occupational safety and welfare services: Are professionals left behind?

Occupational safety and welfare services: Are professionals left behind?

Professional challenges contain management impact on professional matters, increase demand for better quality of service and specialization or expertise. More speed in the working environment, great technological progress and constant stimuli can be a threat to the safety of professionals and service users. Supervision for professionals is a quality issues. Ethics will be discussed, along with how different types of supervision can be part of professional development and supervision culture in organizations. Examples of the use of assessment lists in supervision will be taken.

Sveindís Anna Jóhannsdóttir

Sveindís studied psychology and social work in the University of Iceland and finished MA in Social Work. She also finished a diploma in clinical supervision. She has held numerous lectures about family services, rehabilitation and supervision. She has worked for the last 10 years in the field of rehabilitation and in private practice as family therapist and supervisor. She is working in the largest rehabilitation centre in Iceland – Reykjalundur ( as social worker and family therapist. She is also the founder of the health care company Félagsráðgjafinn ( and work there part time in family therapy/counselling and supervision for professionals workers. She is a member of the Child Protection Committee for her hometown - Hafnarfjörður. Finally she is a part time teacher in the department of social work in the University of Iceland.

Sveindís was for many years vice president of the board of Association for social workers in Iceland and is now the president of the ethic committee for the Association of supervisors in Iceland. She still has a strong and good relationship with the Association of social workers and gives counselling to the association and to minister of health and the welfare of health committee in Iceland when asked. She was nominated as the Social worker of the year 2009 in The Association of Social work and the same year she received a special reward for her business plan for her own company from Icelandic Viking Innovation Center.

Professional interests : Supervision, family therapy and counselling, stress and burnout, servant leadership, CPS, vocational rehabilitation.

Latest and/or most significant publications: In press: Professional supervision – empowering way to promote work. Professional and occupational safety – human protection. It is the first book in Icelandic about supervision as empowering tool for professionals. Research from 2013: Parent’s needs, experience and view of psychosocial services. Book from 2006: Health and holistic view – Social work in health care services.

Personal info:

I am born 1969 in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. I am married and have three daughters (19, 18, 12 years old). My hobby is running or hiking and I love to travel. I live in Hafnarfjörður (capital area) a town that is famous for being the town of the elves and Vikings in Iceland. Iceland was the first country for having a female president and I am very grateful for having a strong and good role model in our amazing former president during childhood. My strongest and best role model in life is my mother (90 years old) and her never ending love for her family.

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