Joep Pennartz & Kevin Schuurmans

Sessie: Start your own start-up - serious game Lemonade

English session

Start your own start-up - serious game Lemonade

Serious Gaming is increasingly popular for the development of employees and teams. To gain insight in team dynamics, to train specific skills or to stimulate team spirit for example. Central to all serious games is the principle of learning by doing. And that is exactly what you’ll do in this workshop: experience what Serious Gaming is like. By playing yourself, you’ll experience first hand how Serious Games work and how you can use this type of intervention in your work.

We’ll play ‘Lemonade’, a game that is often used to train entrepreneurial behaviour. In small teams you’ll start your own lemonade start-up. Buy (real) ingredients at the farmer, juice lemons, come up with new lemonade recipes and develop an innovative lemonade-concept in limited time! A delicious mix of Masterchef and Silicon Valley. That’s how you’ll experience all you need to know about Serious Gaming.

Joep Pennartz & Kevin Schuurmans

Their interest in developing and facilitating Serious Games started at their former employer. After years of experience they recently started A platform on which they present a collection of the best Serious Games from different Serious Gaming developers. Their ambition? To give every participant a ridiculously good (learning)experience and by doing that, create more awareness for the power of serious gaming as a learning intervention. 



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